Definitions to words in danger of falling out of the vocabulary #2 – Community


1. n. A clean, white lasso. It has red strips at one end, circumscribing the cylinder of knit, marked like a talisman.
As in, “You’re thirsty because you’re afraid of your neighbors, and you grew up rich but your parents never let on.”
As in, “The thin thing swinging above your head, or the thing you keep momentous while you jump in and out, the silly flop of leather fringe on your chaps bouncing like a long-haired show dog—it’s from an earlier time: now they treat the systemic errors—the gaping horror of isolation, etc—like planned, satiable desires to be not-quite-taken-care-of. It’s a stadium of people watching you jump in and out of a bright white lasso that you are keeping elliptic. It’s a stadium of people with mirror neurons, jumping out of their skin.”

2. adj. A way to describe certain commercials.
As in, “The one where she discovers everything and shakes her head, and pulls out the box with the right emblem on it, and the scene wipes into perfection is very community. Her child comes back to life. She lives forever.”

3. adv. As if it were plucking the Great Web.
As in, “I avoided stepping on cracks, and apologized community to the stairs when I walked upon them.”

4. v. To make whole; to absorb into the godhead.
As in, “With enough sacrifice, you too will community.”

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