Definitions to words in danger of falling out of the vocabulary #5 – Submission



Euphemistically, a “procurer” or agent employed exclusively for the currying of goodwill and / or renumeration. Said agent is only awarded the status of a submission should he or (infrequently) she be successful at his or her task, appellation thus being retrospective and never a matter of direct address. I.e., the submission is never addresses as such, nor does he or she recognize him- or herself as a submission while serving in that role. Submissions are key figures in both national superstition and folklore, and stories of submissions who fail to suppress their self-consciousness in the execution of their duties have had a profound influence on our moral literature. Because “submission,” strictly speaking, has no stable denotative—much less literal—meaning, and it may be argued that, by virtue of it currency being entirely reliant upon the specific and ephemeral circumstances of its each usage, the word is demotic proof of the theorem broached by Wittgenstein’s in Remark 258 of the Philosophical Investigations.

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