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Harriet (Poetry Foundation covers OON #5)

“If you’re interested in labyrinthine electronic publications, you should check out [out of nothing], a magazine edited by Janice Lee, Eric Lindley, and Joe Milazzo… The magazine features “new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media,” and the intersections are where things get maze-like.”

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The 5 Best Literary Magazine Web Sites

Jason Jordon includes [out of nothing] in his list of the 5 best literary magazine web sites.

“Of these sites, [out of nothing] capitalizes on the medium the most. Their homepage may not be much to look at, but their issues certainly are. Each is a custom design. My favorite is Issue #4, which features several gifs that change slots every time you leave the page. After clicking on a box, hover over the contributor’s name and/or the title of their piece to produce various results.”

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[out of nothing] | 5 | “out of a system declaring nothing out of relevance”

John Pluecker covers OON #5 at his blog.

“It’s an invitation to interact, to scurry down the rabbit hole. To not take website design for granted or expect websites spoon-fed to you. Most litmags I surf for a few minutes and then move on. But this awkward, difficult design made me push through, it gave me something to think about and struggle through and, as always, there are rewards if you persevere. Find the hidden treasure lost in the Interweb. Surf that shit.”

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Out of nothing is a fascinating website

Great writeup at Conjunctus.

“Out of nothing is a fascinating website. I’m into the set up, the design of it, the sheer black backdrop, the gray gradients of speech boxes and text, or the sudden splashes of color on one of the many pages available for pouring over. It feels like their name- the space of the website seems to grow out of nothingness, this blackness and darkness. The writing presented here is fabulous. I am getting into the out of nothing our souls burst forth like shelling peanuts.”

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Conversation with Co-Editor Joe Milazzo

A conversation with OON Co-Editor Joe Milazzo at Dark Sky Magazine.

“[out of nothing], the journal I co-edit with Janice Lee and Eric Lindley is partly an investigation of that reading experience as it continues to evolve. This requires us, as editors-cum-curators, to think of the submissions we receive in terms of visual, auditory, kinetic as well as textual ecologies. Meaning: it is now primarily online that I find I encounter those pieces that, as we like to say, “teach me how to read them as I read them”, and thus have broadened my appreciation for the textual qualities of writing I might have dismissed in a previous readerly (and writerly) existence.”

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Oh Light – A Conversation Across Disciplines with Musician and Writer Eric Lindley of Careful

“But absolutely, especially the conflicted ideas I have about reification, as well as my love for effusive, messy, beautiful things framed in humorous, somewhat abject ways, is a real running theme through [out of nothing]—which informed the title, which was taken from one of my writing pieces—as well as my music.”

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