“serial palm,” a photo poem series by tom trudgeon, one two

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Note on the materiality of the text:
because it is an object, there is a materiality hermeneutic that is hard to discover while reading the poems as a hypertext/scan – the text/ink/font on the gloss of the photos does not stay on, and so the hope is that the more the book is handled, the more pieces of the ink will fall away from the letters. There are “rough translations” on the back of every photograph, but they are not the “same” – over time, the “original” poem on the photographs will have disappeared the more times they are looked at, handled, and read. the “translations” on the back will likely remain, although they will only be semblances of what had originally been over the photograph. Another materiality “aspect” is that the book is loose-leaf, and so there is not specific order to how the text is to be read.
-tom trudgeon
Curatorial Note:
Tom Trudgeon’s piece translates not only between text and object but also between the aspects of the object itself–a translation between front and back.  There is something tragic and gorgeous about the disjunct that happens here-the impossibility of direct translation made apparent.  I will continue to post pieces from this series throughout the month.  I read them as if they are telegraphs, far away transmittances from a solitary vacation.
-saehee cho

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