The Way of Progress by Danielle Adair

Danielle Adair The Way of Progress, 2010 / by Danielle Adair

[2010, 5’16, audio and video]



The Way of Progress is a performance of a loose transcription from my experience of artist Tino Sehgal’s piece “This is Progress” (Guggenheim Museum, New York, March 2010). Of note, Sehgal stipulates that his art pieces are not to be documented in any way.

The Way of Progress is the first in the suite of three performance-videos, Three Portraits of Performers, based on specific performance artists’ museum exhibitions held in New York City, spring 2010. More information can at Danielle’s website.

This piece has screened as part of the ArcheTime: Interdisciplinary Festival (New York), the Eternal Telethon (Machine Project, Los Angeles).

The sound script was featured in OON # [0]: Theoretical Perspectives on the Substance Preceding [nothing].

The Way of Progress, 2010 from Danielle Adair on Vimeo.

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