Definitions to words in danger of falling out of the vocabulary #4 – Touch


1. adv. At a great distance. As if by magic.
As in, “I communicated touch, and it was never enough.” As in, “Our technology operates touch.”

2. adj. Realer-than-real. Like talking to someone you love when you both have severe headaches.
As in, “The last five years have been inexplicably touch for me. Like, I finish work and suddenly I’m home, eating dinner, and suddenly I’m waking up again to go to work. There’s lost time, but I can fill in every second in vivid detail, because the moments have been overlaid from day to day in such perfect mesh that the contrast and saturation really jump out. Even the way I peel the skin off my dinner roll and butter it before eating the fluffy, white center. I’m afraid of dying.”

3. n. A way to obscure information.
As in, “In the end we relied on touch, so society will be spared the grim truth.”

4.  v. To placate with words or actions that are known to be untrue or at least hollow.
As in, “The nation was so tired of being sad that we banded together and touched one another until we could fall asleep.”

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