Founding Documents #3: A mockery of designs

1st idea: for this peanuts theme, I thought a little flash animation of a buy cranking a machine that is turning things or souls into color peanuts.  and the peanuts might sprout up to become menus of some sort.  and a kind of clashing between the sketchy, diagramy b/w and realistic color.  or something. [JL]

2nd idea: for a future idea potentially, a b/w collagey picture of eric wearing a sweater, and the strips of the sweater would each tear off like strips of paper to reveal “nothing” / link to somewhere else on the site.  maybe for the “a new frame of nothing”? and it would be all black in the background (or white- whichever color we think is more “nothing” like, and eric would be wearing pants probably) [JL]

3rd idea: also maybe for the future (maybe “out of nothing an arm, a leg, a lip,” or “discomfort, out of nothing”) an animation of little flies flying into the monitor (that is, on the screen they get bigger and look as if they are coming towards the viewer and crashing onto their screen), and the flies can have faces of discomfort of all the contributors.  or something. [JL]

Finally, after much deliberation and less work, I’ve mocked something up.  My aim here was to assemble an image whose parts could also serve as design elements (navigation buttons, e.g.) that are then deployed throughout the site. But I’m not entirely happy with the results; the attached leans a bit too much towards allegory for me, and the whole thing just feels so “digital” (clipped and stark). What if the symbols were removed, or re-drawn freehand? What other layouts do you think might work? [JM]

ooohh. I like the concept of this ALOT. I think the symbols could work, and I’m thinking they need to be drawn freehand.  and I’m wondering if the layout of the objects could be a little less symmetrical and a little more chaotic. but liking this very much and am happy to go with a version of something like this for the final first design if eric agrees. [JL]

I had a thought this morning… I could print out the various heavenly bodies, cut them out, pin them (with straight-pins) to an antiquated representation of the solar system / celestial map — see: — and photograph the results. [JM]

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