June Guest Editor: GURU RUGU

We’re excited to present June’s Guest Editor: Guru Rugu.

Arnold EhretGuru Rugu is a celebrated best-selling self-published self-helper from Los Angeles who has changed the lives of millions with his simple but effective experimental meditations. He helped co-found the experimental meditation center of los angeles with Adam Overton in 1971, and currently hosts Guru Rugu’s Experimental Meditation Hour on KCHUNG Radio, broadcasting from Chinatown in Los Angeles every first Sunday of the month. He is excited to share his and others’ flights of fanaticism with the world via the temporary online missionary outpost located at http://outwardfromnothingness.com throughout June 2013.





Guru Rugu’s curated posts for the month of June will circle around the following:

You’re getting verrry, verrrry lispy…: Hip-Gnosis and other Subtle Cues

Hello. We’re so excited you’re reading this blog. Thank you, and welcome. Now follow our fingers, follow them, the tips, follow them as they wiggle, and as we go deep deep deep into the month of June 2013, so deep, down, and outward from nothingness, you’re going to feel so good, so good, it’s like 10,000 orgasms in a row, it’s like 300,000 fruit sodas down the hatch, sparkling, sparkling, refreshing, so relaxed, so inspired. We’re going down down down, and outward and outward and outward, from nothingness, right … now. And now that we’re down and outward, we’ll go even more down and outward with contributions from our Hip-Gnostics: 10 … Amanda Ackerman … 9, 8 … Akina Cox … 7, 6 … Francesco Gagliardi … 5, 4 … Zach Kleyn … 3, 2 … Mathew Timmons … 1 … and yours truly, Guru Rugu … 0 … plus perhaps some other contributors to be announced later as we spiral outward, outward, outward…. Let’s remain open, so open, for the possibility of divine hermeneutical way-finding … revelations and serendipity galore … snake-oil martinis and other suggestifs … inspi/rational pilgr/image testy/moan-ials … interviews with God(s) … and so relaxed … so refreshed … sparkling, sparkling, smooch.

Watch for exciting posts starting on June 1st.

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