Rules for Eating Candy

By color.
By color pairs.
Outside edges first, then the inside.
Inside first, then the outside.
All licks. No bites.
All bites. No licks.
Lick until you feel like biting.
Break into squares.
Freeze and then hit with a hammer.
Tiniest nibbles possible.
Pour entire contents into mouth.
Break into thirds.
Break into quarters.
Squeeze out of the wrapper by applying pressure at the base of the wrapper.
Remove candy from wrapper.
Peel wrapper slowly down as bites are taken.
Chew only one at a time until they are gone.
Chew only on left side of mouth.
Chew only on right side of mouth.
Roll multiples into a ball shape.
Eat in groups of two.
Eat in groups of three.
Eat as many as you can fit in your mouth.
Place all candies in a horizontal line and then eat one at a time.
Place all candies into a grid shape and then eat one at a time.

(for Russ Unger)

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