Writing Assignments On Time #2


1. For every hour spent reading, write for an equivalent number of tachyons. Alternately: for every minute spent writing, spend an equivalent number of days dusting your bookshelves.

1. Select an expanse of time, of any length, breadth and / or depth, flatten it (you can roll it out with your hands, although a ceramic or granite pin is recommended) and cut the resulting “sheet” into the following units:

  • 2 large right triangles (hypotenuse 1, sides √2/2, area 1/4)
  • 1 medium right triangle (hypotenuse √2/2, sides 1/2, area 1/8)
  • 2 small right triangle (hypotenuse 1/2, sides √2/4, area 1/16)
  • 1 square (sides √2/4, area 1/8)
  • 1 parallelogram (sides of 1/2 and √2/4, area 1/8)

Index but do not catalog the figures than can be fashioned from the various combinations of these 7 timepieces.

1. and you leave an embarrassingly generous gratuity. (I.e., you are ensuring future resentment, perhaps even a mugging.) Time, humiliating. Shaming time. Go, go, ditch the bold, get going.

1. Don’t waste any more time, “yours” or “mine.”

1. What does time oppose? What betweenness sours the air that circulates from your position back to time’s? Write against time. As though time were itself just another writing surface, vertical, improvised and slightly spongy.

1. Write what you will hear when the Emperor’s herald does finally push his way through “centre of the world … piled high and full of sediment.”

1. Write a story that begins in an epiphany as slow as an entire year of January the 3rds.

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