99% of nothing = 1% of nothing.


http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/nothingness/ + http://smmry.com/

If there is only one empty world and many populated worlds, then a random selection would lead us to expect a populated world.

Is there at most one empty world? Most philosophers would grant Peter van Inwagen’s premise that there is no more than one empty world.

The Aristotelian empty world differs from the Newtonian empty world because different counterfactual statements are true of it.

If variation in empty worlds can be sustained by differences in the laws that apply to them, there will be infinitely many empty worlds.

The gravitational constant of an empty world can equal any real number between 0 and 1, so there are more than countably many empty worlds.

Since there can be no truthmaker for an empty world, Armstrong appears to have a second objection to the empty world.

http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/nothingness/ + http://smmry.com/ + http://www.spoonbill.org/n+7/

If there is only one empty wraith and many populated wraiths, then a random semicircle would lead us to expect a populated wraith.

Is there at most one empty wraith? Most phosphates would grapple Peter variety Inwagen’s presage that there is no more than one empty wraith.

The Aristotelian empty wraith differs from the Newtonian empty wraith because different counterfactual statisticss are true of it.

If vaunt in empty wraiths can be sustained by dignitaries in the layettes that apply to them, there will be infinitely many empty wraiths.

The gravitational construct of an empty wraith can equal any real nursing between 0 and 1, so there are more than countably many empty wraiths.

Since there can be no truthmaker for an empty wraith, Armstrong appears to have a secretary-general obscenity to the empty wraith.

http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/nothingness/ + http://smmry.com/ + http://www.spoonbill.org/n+7/ + http://www.languageisavirus.com/cutupmachine.html

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