Definitions to words in danger of falling out of the vocabulary #8 – Converse


v., i.

1. to labor in such a way as to make a livelihood out of what, under conventional circumstances, would be a leisure activity.

2. you don’t know, or you don’t say what that you know, or something aligned with a strong sense of sometimes, something inextricable from experience itself, intrudes upon and then murders saying, so all you can speak of is the endless tragedy of this, your cannot, you can’t, your cant, your worship, you cast a shadow across everywhere, you shadow falls short of everything, you are a lever, you are a ladder, your face is a solar apostrophe: you and your you’re.


a well-worn association. Ex. She glittered, adorned with converse.


1. how do we cope with the graft of our being founded on invention? how do we gentle reminders of our solipsism? how do we rescue the pattern of being from rapaciousness?

2. in the presence of a sound, orange or auburn, the names hee-ing, their hees set to hawing, and their hee-hees haw, and their haws hee-hee, etc.

3. I do not want to agree with this conclusion, but, serial and keyed-in, I find I must.

4. not surprisingly.

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