Definitions to words in danger of falling out of the vocabulary #3 – Write


1. v. To make visible; to call into being.
As in, “I would have been older than you, but you were written first.”
As in, “I would have been here on time, but amphetamines were written into my bloodstream, and everything was too beautiful to be wasted in disarray.” As in, “I’ve written desperation into my brother, and now his fingers can’t untie themselves.”

2. adv. Insincerely. Without regard for consequence.
As in, “He spoke write at me. His words smelled different; they were seraphed.”

3. adj. Realer-than-real. Like resuming an argument after a quick jog around the block.
As in, “It felt write to lay myself as flat on the floor of the tub as I could get myself, and let the water from the shower fall down. It’s
like I had written each droplet.”

4.  n. What something that has always existed is called in the act of pointing that thing out.
As in, “Each split-second’s new you, each write, is a headstone to every previous you, dear writer, dear written.”

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